Bach Flowers

Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936) was the originator of the Bach flower therapy. He found out that specific flowers have a positive effect on human’s etheric bodies, especially to the emotional layer, but also on the mental and physical levels.

Bach assumed that when we find ourselves in negative dispositions, we are missing something, some specific energy, vibration or electromagnetic frequency. Those vibrations can be substituted by Bach flowers. To every negative emotional state there is a corresponding flower essence or mixture. This mixture is taken until one is able to create a well-being by oneself again.

That means: the Bach flower therapy does not fight a negative condition, but offers help with flower essences to develop the positive part of the same state. Apart from clearing unpleasant and even painful symptoms the flower therapy also helps creating a stronger bond to our intuition and inner guidance, as only the harmonic alliance of body, soul and mind makes us healthy and sound.

Therefore, this curative treatment is a great support on your personal path, too, to find strength and power to follow it. A change from negative to positive adjustments and feelings is always connected to a transformation and a growth process. This does not happen automatically, but it is us who change. The Bach flower therapist is an important companion, especially when it comes to chronically negative states. Every mixture with flower essences needs to be discussed so that the taking can also be agreed inwardly by the patient.

I experience the Bach flower essences as a huge gift for all who want to follow their own path of healing and creating a harmonious, peaceful and fulfilling life.