The transpersonal or spiritual psychotherapy assumes that there is a soul and a higher self (superconsciousness) and includes these dimensions actively, equally and even with paramount importance in the treatment – opposed to the conventional psychotherapy which mainly deals with the ego and the subconscious. That is to say that spiritual phenomena like intuition (inner wisdom, language of the soul), higher powers of consciousness are recognized and taken into account, if it helps the process, transformation and healing.

Transpersonal psychotherapy also assumes that our birthright is to have a multidimensional existence and our personal, direct and healing access to the cosmic intelligence (divine source), no matter which religious community we belong to or being an atheist.


Basically, the client determines the issue he wants to dedicate himself. We then elaborate and clarify the topic and desired goal. If there is more than one option on how to work on the topic we mutually decide on what approach to take. The final decision is always up to the client as healing can only happen, if he or she agrees upon the way of treatment, is trusting me and is ready and willing to change and transform.

For the Transpersonal Psychotherapy I also use parts and techniques from other therapies, e.g.

  • NLP
  • Counselling (e.g. magical words, mantras, affirmations)
  • Family constellations (family therapy)
  • Tattva journeys and imagination
  • Reincarnation therapy
  • Trance states (Hypnotherapy)
  • Sound Healing
  • Bioenergetics
  • Shamanism

Your personal way to your true self that rests in freedom, divine love and creative power is waiting for everyone.

If something essential is missing in your life you may want a helping hand
who is guiding you back to your powerful roots
and towards your purpose and calling.
Someone who helps you to remember.