Reiki Training

Reiki and the training for Grade I, II and III

… is not just a wonderful experience for yourself, but also acts on you while you are passing it on to others – no matter, if humans, animals, plants or crystals. Reiki can be sent to all creatures. You will feel embedded into creation and bonded lovingly with all life. These feelings nurture growing serenity, inner balance, unity and zest for life.

Reiki first and foremost is a healing energy that is transmitted through the heart chakra. It is particularly suitable for all physical and psychosomatic diseases, symptoms of stress, before/during/after operations as well as for chemo therapy. It also works very well during or after professionally/personally draining times.

Precondition for the training is

  • your will and readiness to take over personal responsibility. I am a keeper and teacher of the symbols and their wisdom, but not the guardian of your life and the way you act and live with the Reiki teachings. That is to say I take over responsibility for the teachings and you take over responsibility for the growth process that may happen through the symbols. I will be happy to assist and support you, if a transition needs professional help (therapeutic sessions are not included in the tuition fee).
  • a check on disturbing energies that might need a clearing (not included in tuition fee).


Grade I & II

During the training of Grade I certain energy centers (chakras) will be activated to awake, strengthen and expand your powers. There will be teachings on the

  • philosophy of Dr. Usui (who rediscovered this technique)
  • history of the Usui system and the 5 Reiki maxims
  • self treatment
  • whole body treatment
  • meditations to find and invigorate your core and the inner place of peace
  • initiations
  • clearing and protection with the Violet Flame.

Grade II is based upon the grade I and continues where the first stopped. There will be some more initiations and the first 3 symbols and mantras are given to you. You will learn about the mental treatment as well as remote transmission of Reiki as there is no border or limits to the universal life energy.

Now, you can also activate and support ideational values and/or personal or global projects, such as the world peace. In using remote Reiki transmissions, you will be able to reach power places, trees, distant locations or people who live far away and need your help.


Grade III

The master degree has a lot to do with your inner master – and mastering your life. Together with the master symbol you will receive instructions about its profound meaning and relations trusting upon your handling it responsibly. The training includes the following contents:

  • working on one of your core issues
  • initiation into the 4th and last Usui symbol & mantra
  • topics and questions around mastership
  • chakra clearing
  • energetic room preparation
  • alignment of the various personal layers
  • teachings about the cosmic orders

The teacher degree empowers you to initiate others into Reiki and, of course, to teach it. You will learn about the initiation rites and receive a complete teacher manual. Bearing a master and teacher title means to live a shining example, taking care that all teachings and wisdom will be integrated into your life responsibly and exemplified to others in a kind and respectful way.

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