Reiki reiki_symbol(Rei = universal, ki = Chi, life energy) … is a millennia-old, far eastern energy work that revitalizes and restores spirit, soul and body when we neglected ourselves due to onerous circumstances or unhealthy ways of life (such as hectic rush, stress, conflicts). Such burdening conditions lead to exhaustion of our resources and – at chronic shortage – can peak into illness.

Sometimes, we may need special power to meet big challenges, e.g. for professional changes, exams, breakups, essential decisions, operations, chemotherapy, etc.

Reiki supports your natural self-healing process, dissolves blocks, strengthens the immune system and rebalances the energy within body, mind and soul. It acts on all levels, harmonizes your senses and helps you regain your inner balance and peace. It may be used to relieve all kinds of pain.

Usually, for a session the patient is lying down. The energy gets transmitted by the therapist’s hands touching the body (no intimate areas). To support or intensify the transmission, etheric oils or aura soma essences as well as reposeful music may sometimes be used to address all senses.

Reiki is highly compatible to all other modern or traditional medicine as it supports any kind of healing process and affects positively any pharmaceuticals, manual or psychotherapeutic treatment.

Q.v. Reiki Training and Energy.