Reiki and the training to the I., II. and III. Grade

… is not just a wonderful experience for yourself, but also acts on you while you are passing it on to others – no matter, if humans, animals, plants or crystals. Reiki can be sent to all creatures. You will feel yourself more embedded into creation cycles and bonded lovingly with all life. These feelings nurture growing serenity, inner balance, unity and zest for life.

Reiki first and foremost is a healing energy that is transmitted through the heart chakra. It is particularly suitable for all physical and psychosomatic diseases, symptoms of stress, before/during/after operations as well as for chemo therapy. Mainly, the physical and ethereal bodies are treated (the ethereal body shapes the physical one).

Precondition for the training is

  • your will and readiness to take over personal responsibility. I am a keeper and teacher of the symbols and their wisdom, but not the custodian of your life and the way you act and live with their teachings. That is to say I take over responsibility for the teachings and you take over your own responsibility for your growth processes that may happen through the symbols. If you want, I will be happy to assist and support you on your path and during these processes (single sessions are not part of the training and therefore not included in the tuition fee).
  • a check on disturbing energies that might need a clearing (not included in tuition fee).

Dates and prices see Terms & Conditions.