Creator’s Energy


This training goes far beyond the Reiki training, but has the same source. Roughly speaking, the Creator’s Energy training starts where the Reiki master ends. It is highly recommended to have gained experience in energy work before deciding for this path.
Back in time of Atlantis there were 364 symbols used to cultivate and boost spiritual growth. Later, the Tibetans still preserved 21 seals. The Creator’s Energy training will teach you about their wisdom and transmits the signs and energies of these remaining ones.

The seals are given to you in several workshops as their effect on your energy system is very strong. Also, they need a download time of approx. 28 days (a full moon cycle) to get completely integrated in your system. Teacher contents, script and initiation rites are part of a separate course. Teacher trainings usually are single trainings.

Precondition for the training is:

  • your will and readiness to take over personal responsibility. I am a keeper and teacher of the symbols and their wisdom, but not the guardian of your life and the way you act and live with their teachings. That is to say I take over responsibility for the teachings and you take over responsibility for your life and possible growth processes that may happen through the symbols. I will be happy to assist and support you, if a transition needs professional help (therapeutic sessions are not included in the tuition fee).
  • a check on disturbing energies that might need a clearing (not included in tuition fee).

Dates/prices see Terms & Conditions.



The symbols deal with the following topics:

  • Clearing and building up the spiritual channel
  • Energy alignment
  • Release of blocks
  • Mental healing and access to the subconsciousness
  • Healing on personality layers (physical, ethereal, astral, mental)
  • Deep inner healing (causal body and soul)
  • Grounding, stabilization, integration, anchoring, channel alignment, activation of the cosmic alignment (antakharana) and soul star (8th chakra)
  • Tuning in on energies and light grids
  • Inner hearing and seeing
  • Akasha records
  • Order and disorder
  • Balance
  • Harmony
  • Heart shelter
  • Wider opening of the heart chakra (anahata)
  • Christ logos (planetary, solar, galactic and cosmic)
  • Bond to the source (the Creator), Spiritual Hierarchy, 12 rays
  • Bond to the heart of God
  • Mastership, master energies, universal orders

Furthermore, additional and supporting techniques are instructed:

  • Chakra and aura cleansing and protection (e.g. Self Processing)
  • Room cleansing and preparation (e.g. Violet Flame, light vortex)
  • Grounding and integration techniques
  • Channel alignment
  • Building up your personal team of helpers from the spiritual realms
  • Supporting mudras and mantras
  • Sound healing