Soul Essences

Everyone carries a unique and magical essence deep inside.

When you gain access to it your true Self begins to unfold. You grow into your innermost spiritual heritage that leads to profound joy and fulfilment.

This awakening process of your inner core multiplies your zest for life and the bliss of being here on earth, at this place, at this time.

We then recognize our destiny and what we are really here for. Everything falls back into its original divine order, beauty and harmony. Deep inner peace is following and remains present no matter what happens.

My special gift is to be able to see the essence of your being and to find proper words to describe it. I will create lyric mantras to enable & enhance your personal contact to your inner nature. This may speed up your way to Self-Realization.

Daily recitation encourages your core to unfold increasingly into your everyday life.

Please contact me directly, if you wish to receive your own and unique soul mantra. I will be happy and grateful to assist you getting in touch with the holy being you are.

Prices see Terms & Conditions.

„When your true Self arises
magic starts flowering into your life.“