This page is meant to give you a short insight about every spirit power seal.
Each seal stimulates a different spirit power.
For now, four of them are available as room tattoos or laminated boards to energize your food and drinks and can be ordered here.

An explanation of their power as well as an instruction video on how to fix them correctly will come along with their delivery.
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  1. Glaube Belief
    One of the most powerful tools is belief. Many of us immediately think of a religious belief when we hear of it. Basically, this spirit power has absolutely nothing to do with it (although, of course it can be used for religious purposes). The power of belief actually works with your convictions, opinions and ideas and is used to turn a conviction into a truth according to which you then live, act and create reality, respectively. The symbol will help to increase your power of belief, but also asks you to check your values and convictions.

  2. Vorstellung Imagination
    The power of imagination is linked very closely to belief and will. Only what you want and can imagine for yourself will find its way into creation. The livelier your inner vision gets the more power will be gained to make it real. This seal stimulates and strengthens your visual powers.

  3. Wille Will I want it
    Sometimes a strong will is needed to be true to yourself, to implement a big project or to complete a huge task. Some other time it may be important to learn to submit your will to a higher goal and will (e.g. your intuition that never gives any explanations) in order to achieve a harmonious realization. This seal boosts your will in many ways.

  4. erkenntnis-w erkenntnis-m Cognition
    This is the spirit power of intuitive cognition and comprehension and the seal raises these abilities. There is a female and a male sign.

  5. wagemut-begeisterun Courage & Enthusiasm
    These two powers work hand-in-hand and therefore are merged into one symbol. Increased courage leads to enthusiasm for what we really want to accomplish in life and vice versa.

  6. Kraft Power (Might) – I want it
    That’s the power that lets things and goals become reality. In the training, you will learn a lot about the power of words which is an utterly important key to creation. Words express our ideas, thoughts and feelings. We convince and get convinced by words (feedback effect to and interaction with the power of belief!). Words are followed by actions. Whatever we believe is true will be created according to our convictions, for the better or for the worse.
    The more you become aware and clear about your beliefs and might the easier it gets to control and steer your power. This seal is a strong helper on your path of self-knowledge and creation.

  7. Liebe Love I want it
    The spirit power of love is the actual reason you are here. There is a wealth of experiences and lessons to learn about love. This seal strengthens your capacity for love, especially after harmful experiences. It also helps to learn to love yourself and to care for yourself in a loving way.
    Self-love is the opposite of egoism. Who loves his inner (true) Self (not to be confused with the ego) is filled with compassion and respect for all life and creation, because the Self is recognized in everything and everything is part of the Self. All matter is created out of one source. Love has the frequency of the golden ratio.

  8. urteil Judgement
    The judgement seal develops your capability to assess and evaluate and encourages you to check and review your values according to which you judge.

  9. Strength
    The power of inner strength is a highly appreciated spirit power. The stronger it gets the more you will be able to accomplish in life. It also nurtures composure and equanimity to master challenging times. The seal encourages its growth.

  10. Ordnung-WiddershinOrdnung Order
    The spiritual power of order aligns mentally, emotionally and physically to the original harmony and balance of life. It is important to use whenever something is off balance due to your lifestyle or unfortunate occurrences or circumstances. The symbol supports alignment to the original order and to harmonize your being.

  11. Leben Life I want it
    Matter has to decay, but spirit and soul stay as they are immaterial. The power of (eternal) life may be of particular importance when it comes to a loss of lifeforce (e.g. sickness). This seal opens the gate to the source of life and strengthens your vitality. It regenerates, rejuvenates and energizes.

  12. Elimination-wElimination-m Elimination (Transformation)
    Just like our body our spirit has the power to eliminate or transform detrimental or useless stuff. This power enables us to get rid of ideas, emotions and behaviour that do not serve well-being. Sometimes, this force is weakened by former life experiences (along with specific beliefs) and a little help is needed, provided by this seal.

  13. ich I AM
    This last seal does not express a spirit power, but reflects your true nature, your inner Self. It consolidates your sense of identity (not your ego).

Of course, a spirit power training will raise considerably the effect of the seals.
The trainings teach you how to easily use your spirit powers (please see About Spirit Powers) in daily life and convey a deeper knowledge about them and their seals.

Please contact me, if you are interested to find out more or if you want to order the symbol stickers/tattoos.