About Energy

Modern science is able to split up the universe into smallest parts and to even prove a level called quantum field. At this layer, there is no more matter, but energy and light.

Hence, also humans and their bodies are just energy that radiates light. It is intelligent energy that has conscience. It determines the manner and quality of its radiance by its focus of attention. Our thoughts, feelings, actions, language and bodies are energy that get a specific imprint through our consciousness. Sounds, tones and words are energy with a measurable radiation curve.

An example: when we speak with a feeling of appreciation the radiation measurement will show a curve that is absolutely identical with the curve of the human double helix! So, using this feeling and sound will strengthen our DNA. (If you want to find out more about this kind of research, please look up the studies of Dr. Manfred Clynes.)

This means: Energy in any form of expression also has an impact on our body, its cells, bones and organs. It influences body tissue and fluids as well as our immune system. And, of course, it affects our feelings and our mental state.

Ancient schools of wisdom and healing arts have used this knowledge long before any modern sciences have found out about energy and radiation. They developed cures that take advantage of the power of this living energy using its purest (ethereal) expression as well as its first visible manifestation: light and all its different colours (every ray of light is a carrier of a specific energetic quality).


Energy work like Reiki, or working with the Creator’s Energy and the Spirit Powers is a way to open up your personal access to the quantum field and the intelligent universe. (Magnetic Field Therapy is a more physical way of treatment.) It will strengthen and expand and create a positive flow into your body, mind and soul for a higher harmonization and healthy balance. So:

“Let there be light!”