Power Water

Water is one of the best information transmitter (see also the research of Dr. Masaru Emoto)!

So, why not use it to feed our cells with new and helpful information for our well-being?

Through energetic and visual transfer, including the frequencies of spirit powers, we developped vibrated waters that strongly support your self healing and spiritual growth. They also smooth the way to a positive and life-affirming emotional state.

These vibrated waters may be used whenever you feel the need of their support.
They also proved to be extremely helpful when getting psychological support or being engaged in a personal coaching.

For further information or a consulting, please feel free to contact us.


The following essences are available:

Safe & Sound – recapturing faith and self-confidence

Emotional Freedom – cease pain and find freedom through reconciliation, forgiveness and inner peace. The transformation always starts within.

Heartfire – finding tranquility, strength and power in your core and growing into your greatness

Soul Language – learning to hear and listen to your inner voice

Wake-up Call – leaving old mental patterns behind and accessing higher dimensional DNA

Flashlight – open up for fulgurous inspiration and perception